The Underwater Studio - Professional Underwater Photography

Shoot Preparation & Information

We will work our magic but we also need you to work yours.

  • Happy Water babies are easy to work with giving us an outstanding chance of capturing beautiful shots for you.
  • All babies and children must have attended a swimming class that uses a submersion method or have been taken swimming regularly and have been submerged by the parents. Babies up until 12 months have a natural diving reflex that comes into action when submerged so be confident when taking them swimming.
  • A simple command used before you submerge your child will cue them to hold their breath. For example say "Koby ready go under" and let them go under or push them under and forward to daddy.
  • The NHS no longer recommends you wait until babies have had their first jab to take them swimming so this is now not a factor.
  • Sessions are 30 min long and we aim for about 5-6 submersions.
  • You child will be placed under the water by a fully qualified swim teacher, so the pressure is off you to get them in the correct position for the photos.
  • If your toddler likes to wear goggles then absolutely let them, we think the pictures look better with out but sometimes its just not worth the battle. We may ask them if they would like to take the goggles off but we will not pursue if they are adamant.
  • We do ask Parents if they would like pictures of the babies without their suits on....entirely up to you (this is not available in all locations).
  • We urge mums, dads, sisters and brothers to all get in. (Siblings must have a booked space). We can capture some beautiful shots of you all together.
  • Some pools do require your child to wear a double swim nappy system to prevent any accidents in the pool, so please do bring this with you.
  • There are various costumes at the shoot for you to try if you fancy something a little festive or quirky.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the shoot in order to get yourselves and children ready for swimming.
  • When you arrive please check in. You will be given a booklet with products available and a login code to view your pictures once they are ready. If you are not on line we can arrange a viewing.

A few tips for our models

Try not to blow bubbles mums and dads...
it can sometimes look quirky but more often than not will not create a great look.

Hair is better worn loose as it creates a more natural flowing look.

Try to keep arms and legs neat and not up by your face.

Look at your children not at the camera... the doting parent look.

Smile and enjoy your shoot.

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